What Others Are Saying

I'm going to step to the side and let others have a word:

Intriguing! -- Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times Art Critic

Opening Perlman's book is like opening an exquisite package of potato chips. You think you'll only eat a few and then end up devouring the entire bag. It's so much fun ping-ponging from fog-bound Seattle to Polynesia, all without ever leaving the digital confines of Isaac's blog.--Bestselling author (Nam) Mark Baker

Perlman uproariously skewers start-up culture in a novel that will strike true to a Seattleite. This form-breaking novel is written in blog format, hence the subtitle, and even features a villainous CEO who, some may argue, bears a resemblance to Jeff Bezos."
--Review by Third Place Books, Ravenna Store, August 24, 2017