Malvern Books Is a Wonderful Store for Indie Publishers

Malvern Books in the heart of Austin carries some of the most interesting and special books being published today--all by small presses and independent publishers. Most bookstores make most of their profit from the best sellers table, books by name authors coupled with back listings of earlier commercial success. But a store such as Malvern gives its limited space to the books and authors who don't make the New York Times bestseller list but would make a list for quality, thought-provoking writing. The store features writers who are willing to take chances, to experiment, to provide a different perspective, a challenging vision.

That being said, the bookstore hosted me on Sunday afternoon for a reading and discussion of Thinks Out Loud. As a writer from out of state, I was nervous about being seen as an outsider, but the staff was warm and welcoming and the audience attentive (and who also asked sharp questions). I couldn't help buying a bunch of books while I was there!


Malvern Books Reading Aug 2017.JPG