Giveaway Via ForeverGeek

Am doing a promotional giveaway of Thinks Out Loud courtesy of the ForeverGeek website. You have until Feb. 25 to enter and maybe win a free copy.

Some of their text:

“Thinks Out Loud, a Blog at First” has all the elements that makes for a fun, light geek read. It takes some potshots at one of our favorite (good or bad, up to you) CEOs Jeff Bezos (or so it has been assumed). It’s about a loose band of bloggers who are forced to leave the safe confines of their Internet bubble when one is shipwrecked on a sacred South Seas isle while others try to keep the book’s manipulative high-tech CEO (Prime Mover) from gaining control of all information past, present, and future (and going way beyond cloud computing in the process).

From the get-go, the book will take you down memory lane. If you were into “real” blogging, that is. You know…those days when you wrote whatever, and you had a community of followers (majority of which may or may not have been family and friends) with whom you had actual conversations in the comments.