To Read or Not To Read, Part 2, or How to Read

Oh, another idea. Different subject. . .As I was thinking about my friend’s non-read, I came up with an idea, a way of reading Thinks Out Loud that might just make it easier to keep going. Here it is: Read only the blog postings for each day per day. That is, if there are one or two postings on October 27 (Lunch at the Lagoon and Trying to Focus), just read those two that day.

While the entire read would take many times longer than ‘normal,’ the rhythm would duplicate what it would be like to be reading a blog whose postings are one or two at a time.

Note: In the nineteenth century, novelists like Dickens would publish their works by chapters in magazines, so that readers would have to wait for the next installment. (Dickens was also writing madly to meet deadlines.) The delay helped to build suspense and wonder about what’s would be coming next. Any takers? If anyone does decide to read TOL in this manner, I’d love to hear what the experience is like.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT THE BOOK AND AMAZON: If you order Thinks Out Loud from Amazon Prime, you will be receiving an older version that is out of date and whose printing is lighter than the current edition. If on Amazon, order from the Thinks Out Loud seller option which will be the newer better print version. You can also order the newer version directly from the publisher via this website,, or from your local bookstore, which will either have the book in stock or available via a quick special order from Ingram, the wholesaler.