Ode to Aged Books

Upon these shelves dear friends of long ago
Await a visit though layered dust
Suggests a case of broken trust

A sharing delayed as years come and go
And now when trying to renew the bond
To find them musty yellow though still fond

For even though unopened they await
A kind embrace and chance to demonstrate
True links that yet remain while brittle page
Foretells a fate that comes with span of age
One last caress and honoring apart
Removed from shelf but still within the heart.


Will this be the fate of Thinks Out Loud, a Blog at First, forty years hence (if the book is still around)?


SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT THE BOOK AND AMAZON: If you order Thinks Out Loud from Amazon Prime, you will be receiving an older version that is out of date and whose printing is lighter than the current edition. If on Amazon, order from the Thinks Out Loud seller option which will be the newer better print version. You can also order the newer version directly from the publisher via this website, thinksoutloud.com, or from your local bookstore, which will either have the book in stock or available via a quick special order from Ingram, the wholesaler.