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Writer as Promoter: Wanna buy a book?

These days (and probably in those days) writers of newly published books become marketers of those newly published books. So, for the past month, since the release of Thinks Out Loud, that's what I've been doing. It's fun, at least for me, although I'm not clear on the line between informing and pestering potential customers. I know that messages in today's crowded promotional world need to be received multiple times to even begin to penetrate a potential customer's consciousness. So I try I variety of approaches. Facebook, LinkedIn, Media Releases, Personal Contact, Goodreads, Sky Writing. And I pretend mine is the only new book out: Mind over Matter. If I thought the book dull, trite and unentertaining, I would not put out the effort. But early readers are telling me it's wry, funny, entertaining, and even emotionally moving in some sections. Wow.

I'm also excited to be doing the next reading in Austin, Texas. My wife and I are dropping our daughter off at college--the BFA program in Theater at Texas State University in San Marcos outside Austin. Malvern Books, which is supportive of indie press/indie writers, will host me on August. 20. If you are near or around Austin, here is a link to the promotion (back to that again) on their site:

That's it for the moment. Need to get back to marketing.

From the University Bookstore reading, Seattle, July 21, 2017

From the University Bookstore reading, Seattle, July 21, 2017