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Meet Prime Mover, Real or Imagined

People have been asking if Prime Mover, the mysterious CEO of Altasystemics in Thinks Out Loud, is based on a real-world, high-tech mastermind, the kind who is purportedly trying to save the world or at least make it a better place. Good question. 

One commentator compared the book's antagonist to the man behind the world's largest e-commerce juggernaut. Others are seeing parallels, given recent appearances before Congress, of a certain head of a very large information-gathering organization. Or is the magnetic, high-tech entrepreneur in Thinks Out Loud purely a fictional character in a fictional book?

Looked at from another angle, does he have certain traits in common with today's high-tech leaders? Does he make broad but appealing promises about improving the human condition through technology and the application of forward-thinking paradigms? Is Prime Mover misunderstood by those who would try and stop him from reaching his goals?

To complicate matters, there is the allure of power, a seemingly irresistible attraction that pulls people into the orbit of the visionary Prime Mover. Join with him, he says, and help reshape the world for the better. Challenge Prime Mover and be prepared to face his corporate attorneys, public relations teams and marketing machine. 

Prime Mover, real or imaged--you decide. 

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